With an objective of “Attiring with Elegance”, Amber Uniforms is a brand which believes in delivering high quality products at very competitive prices and meeting customer’s expectations. Our dedicated team of professionals and skilled workforce will create the look that is right for your company. With the experience of more than 30 years, Amber Uniforms has set a benchmark by supplying all of your needs with reference to fabrics and uniforms.

Amber Uniforms is a direct authorized wholesale distributor and dealer for Mafatlal, Siyaram’s, J.C. Fabrics, Suzuki, Valji, and many other leading brands. With no middleman, our products are provided with a seal of trust and quality at a very low price. We provide very consistent quality and value for money materials at competitive prices.

We understand the purpose and ruggedness and at the same time the need for comfort of uniforms. With the expertise and knowledge of our team we have a vision to provide solutions to all of your needs for uniforms.

Uniform is a standard clothing worn by members of an organization whilst participating in that organization's activity. Uniforms increase team spirit and help form a positive, cohesive image with the customers. The true measure of a uniform lies in the changes it brings to school, institutions, hospitals, hotels, organizations, community and market.

Amber Uniforms need an opportunity to help enhance and build your company's image, showcase your company's team spirit and promote your company's brand to the world. By outfitting your people in tailored, comfortable, identifiable and embroidered clothing Amber uniforms will help your business convey a consistent and professional image.



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